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Dealing With Music Theory Homework Successfully

Music homework differs from all other subjects because it has two absolutely unlike parts: theory and practice. Music practice assignments demand a lot of time playing musical instruments, singing, composing music, etc. The theory is more like any other subject and can be handled with the help of the same good old assignment tips.

How to Succeed with Music Theory Homework?

  1. Choose a place.
  2. You need a place where you feel comfortable. It mustn’t always be the same place. If you feel better inside in winter, it doesn’t mean that you will also feel good inside in summer or spring. You can study in your garden or a backyard if you like and if it’s comfortable enough. It’s very important to find a place where nobody and nothing distracts your attention. The more time you waste on the distracting factors, the longer it takes before you are through.

  3. Be ready to concentrate.
  4. Start doing your assignment only when you feel that you’re ready to concentrate all your attention on the task. If you’re tired, exhausted, busy with other things, have a short break and return to your music theory assignment. It may even be necessary to deal with all other stuff before you get down to this task.

  5. Have everything you need at hand.
  6. If you need textbooks, collect them in the place where you study. If you need the instrument you play, have it with you. Everything should be at hand, especially if you decide to study in the open. Running to your room in order to fetch something you need and back to your studying place can take too much time.

  7. Have breaks regularly.
  8. Big tasks should be handled with regular breaks. You can easily notice how tired and inattentive you become after each 30 to 45 minutes of devoted studying. You need regular breaks to let your brain unwind and refresh itself. The most effective breaks are the ones when you switch over completely different activities for a short while.

Things to Avoid When Doing Homework

Procrastination and idling about are your main enemies. Fight them immediately when you notice them approaching you. Procrastination is a desire to find any possible business that will help you postpone handling your assignment. It’s a very poor practice that eats away your time, increases panic, and prevents your success.

Idling about is a big problem when you have breaks and can’t stop having rest even if you know that the break has already ended. Fight these factors and reach success.

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