Being Obsessed with Your Grades Can Ruin Your Real Homework Results

In school, there are a lot of different factors that can lead to stress. But no factor is as big as obsessing over grades. Stress, no matter how little, can comprise several things, including health, diet, exercise, sleep, and more. Being overly obsessed with grads can also directly ruin your real homework results, which in great amounts could be disastrous to your education. Here are just a few ways your real homework results suffer because of being obsessed with grades:

Less efficient cognitive functioning.

Becoming overly anxious about our grades will greatly reduce your ability to concentrate. What happens is that you have fewer cognitive resources to access and use to legitimize your study time. As you well know, the less time you spend studying the more your grades will suffer. You will perform worse on tests and quizzes and will have harder time remembering information on the spot.

Another negative outcome of having less efficient cognitive functioning is that you can become distracted in other areas. For instance, you can have a harder time processing information you read and will have to spend more time reviewing content because comprehension levels are negatively affected. This can be extremely frustrating as even the time you spend to study can be spent in waste as no new information can be retained.

Psychological and physical stress.

One of the biggest negative effects of obsessing over your grades is that you can experience a lot of psychological and physical stress. Several studies have proven that prolonged anxiety can be harmful to one’s overall health. As stress increases biochemical changes in the body occur, including an increase to both adrenaline and cortisol levels in your blood. Over the course of a just a few weeks this can cause several physical ailments such as headaches, high blood pressure, ulcers, digestive problems and even symptoms of depression.

Loss of the pleasure of learning.

When you focus too much on what your grades will be you begin to lose the enthusiasm and overall joy for learning. This can be extremely detrimental to all of your schooling which relies heavily on your desire to challenge yourself in ever increasing ways throughout your academic and professional life.

In recent studies, students admit that the simple pleasure of accomplishment over specific educational goals helps fuel their effort to push forward and learn take on new tasks and challenges. When homework results begin to suffer, however, as a result of being overly obsessed with grades, a lot of students will simply stop working and find other activities that could replace the joy of learning.

Inferior overall education.

Some students become so obsessed with their grades that they purposely begin to register for easier courses. This happens a lot in college and graduate school where students create have control over the kinds of courses they take each quarter or semester. Students who perform poorly can risk losing their academic standing, enrollment, financial aid and more, so they wind up taking easier classes to keep their grades up.

There is a fine line between balancing a manageable workload and simply not challenging oneself and thus not receiving the high level of education that colleges and graduate schools provide. When you factor this in you should really begin to wonder what the point of higher education really is if you are settling for an inferior quality of learning. The last bit advice you should take from this is that you should know the warning signs of being overly obsessed. If you notice any, take the proper steps to get yourself back on track to beneficial learning.

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