summer mix | at the lake by erin from butter and brass

butter and brass summer mix

Have you met Erin? Her blog, Butter and Brass is the golden colored ticket to my heart. Somehow in this world of tumbrs and pinners and rebloggers, she blogs the very best and most under blogged things on the internet, but, yep there’s a but, she’s great at other things too. Like making fig and goat cheese crostinis and photographing them like she spent years working for Gourmet. Or pulling together a wardrobe of all items on sale (hells yeah).

For this week’s mix, I have a confession. In my normal world, I listen to the mixes I post before the post runs. Not once, but I listen to them multiple times. I enjoy doing this. It gives me a sense of the mix and a little background behind the mix maker. This week I haven’t listened to the mix. Since we moved, we’re still without an internet connection. And of course, while I was planning to write this post yesterday over lunch, my laptop started giving me the flashing the question mark folder. So I’m at the apple store, with a fixed computer and scamming on their wireless. Shameless, yep, that’s how I roll. I also want you to know how excited I am to download this mix and listen, because, like her blog, I’m sure it will be really good and make you want to head out to the lake, right about now.

Download At the Lake and visit Butter and Brass.

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And here’s the playlist.

  1. Daydream – Beach Fossils
  2. Hey Cool Kid – Cloud Nothings
  3. Killin’ The Vibe – Ducktails
  4. Dreams Never End – New Order
  5. Today Is The Day – Yo La Tengo
  6. Lay Your Head down – Kern Ann
  7. Your Love (The Outfield Cover) – Bon Iver
  8. Two Against One (feat. Jack White) – Danger Mouse & Daniel Luppi
  9. Far Away – Washed Out
  10. Seen and Not Seen – Talking Heads
  11. Need You Now – Cut Copy
  12. Last Night At the Jetty – Panda Bear

Photo: Eamon Mac Mahon

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3 Responses to “summer mix | at the lake by erin from butter and brass”

  1. caroline August 5, 2011 at 12:06 pm #

    can’t wait to listen!

  2. jora August 5, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

    this looks like a great playlist. i LOVE that cover by bon iver.

  3. Sweet Freak August 6, 2011 at 4:52 am #

    Erin always has the best taste – this is the perfect list for these last, lazy weeks of summer!

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