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weekend | feeling like fall

The rain has set in here in Portland and made for a mellow weekend. There was eating, hanging with family and a few birthdays to celebrate. I started Friday with happy hour mai tais and a pupu platter with family at the newish Trader Vics. The happy hour there is really good, but the regular hour drinks were much better. We followed mai tais with pizza at our favorite, Lovely 50 50. Saturday, I celebrated my friend Meagan’s birthday with kareoke and dinner at Le Happy. Such a cute little place with friendly service and great crepes. I’ll definitely go back. Sunday, I spent the day with girlfriends and came home to Jevan’s homemade Chicken Tortilla soup. A good weekend was had and much needed because this is the calm before the holiday storm.

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weekend | halloween

Weekend posts are back after a few weeks off! Just in time for Halloween, too. Jevan and I tossed around a number of ideas for the “holiday” and finally settled on Mr. and Mrs. Fox from the Fantastic Mr. Fox. We also wrangled in some friends to join in on the costume fun.  Our costumes were a combination of thrift store finds and handmade. I like that so much better than a store bought costume. It was fun getting together and making the masks and costumes too. What/who did you dress as?

Off to watch yet another scary movie. Do you have any favorites?

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weekend | feeling like fall

The rain is back and it’s finally feeling like fall here in Portland thanks to the extended summer weather experienced last week. The leaves are turning and days are shorter. Must be fall. This weekend was all about making food and hanging with friends. We had some good friends in town with their 3 year old son Saturday and Sunday. It’s funny listening through the perspective of a three year old. The things he notices and says are so different from my viewpoint. It was refreshing to have him around.

Aside from the Content Show at the Ace Hotel and attending my first ever hockey game I made a lot of food. Friday night I made Mushroom Risotto and we watched Hannah. I’m also working on a Chewy Chocolate Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, perfecting Biscuits and Sausage Gravy (recipe later this week) and Jevan made Ancho Pork and Hominy Stew. I’m full writing all of that. I’m still searching for furniture for the house, no luck on that one yet. Someday, someday I’ll show you a few photos.

We’re sifting through Tokyo plans (we leave Thursday) so if you have any tips, feel free to drop me a line. And thanks to everyone who has commented and emailed so far. I really appreciate it. That city (and language) are so overwhelming.

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weekend | last hurrah

My weekend ended on Sunday but I’m just now getting around to posting. I’m up to my eyeballs in pickled products (and work) but mostly pickled products. 40 jars to be exact. Think I went overboard? I know what I’m giving you for Christmas. That was my Sunday. Aside from the cucumbers, I also pickled beets, green beans and green tomatoes. I’m most excited for the green tomatoes. Such a Southern thing, I know. At least the fried version. Never before have I had them pickled. I’m almost positive I’m going to like them because let’s be honest, I like just about anything pickled. Case in point, the 40 jars.

Saturday night we saw the Other Lives and Bon Iver at Edgefield. It was the perfect end of summer night. We sat on the lawn with friends, watched great music and enjoyed one of the last warm days of the year. I think I’m finally ready for fall. Earlier that day Jevan, Winnie and I trekked out to Sauvie Island and picked up 20 lbs of pickling cucumbers and other veggies from Krueger Farms. We got there as they were opening and had the place to ourselves. Not bad for a Saturday.

I rarely show myself on this blog, I’m horribly camera shy (something I’m trying to work on) and also the one taking all the photos but I did grab a little peak at one of my favorite summer vintage dresses. Probably the last time I’ll be wearing it this year. Goodbye summer.

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weekend | almost fall in portland


What a difference a week makes. I had to go back and check my last weekend blog post because it seems like much more than a week ago I was wearing tanks and sandals. This weekend was drizzly and gray and just about the opposite in every way from last weekend. It was nice, although I do love the heat. And I was finally able to check a number of those looming things off my to-do list while not feeling guilty for missing some great weather.

I still don’t have anything to show for this house though. My furniture search is, well, lacking. I can’t seem to find any of the pieces on my list and to fit my wee little budget. So now I’m forced to keep some of these boxes around and that’s not something you want to see, or something I want to show you. I did however, get my desk at the house unpacked. Across from my desk, is a built-in unit for books, magazines and records (shown above). I want to make this a lounge area with a sofa and coffee table, but like I said, furniture gods are not obliging. Someday.

Sunday night, I made soup. I haven’t had soup in months and I forgot how much I love it. We had left over noodles from a previous pasta dinner, left over chicken from a previous chicken dinner, and a bunch of frozen veggies. Sounds like my worst nightmare, but it turned out to be the most perfect and easy Sunday dinner.

Is it feeling like fall in your neck of the woods yet?

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weekend | september summer

It’s finally summer in Portland. And by summer I mean HOT. Multiple days of 90+ degrees made for the perfect sundress wearing, bike riding, music seeing, swimming kind of weekend. I kicked my weekend off by celebrating my one year anniversary of leather making with Tanner Goods. I can’t believe an entire year has passed and I’m still swinging the hammer. What began as a get-to-know-Portland-keep-me-busy-make-a-few-dollars-kind-of-job turned into a full fledged love of making leather things. I’ve learned so much and had such a great time working along side this creative cast of characters.

As for the rest of the weekend, there’s nothing like a music festival to make me love summer that much more. This wasn’t my first Music Fest Northwest, but it was my first since moving to Portland. I rode my bike to every single show and enjoyed the warm evenings. Some stand outs from the weekend were Explosions in the Sky (head phones on, ton of work to crank out, thinking music) and Thee Oh Sees (garage rock, get the party going music). Both shows were complete opposites. Thee Oh Sees was crowd surfing, drinks flying, dancing next to Janet from Sleater Kinney on a Friday night. It was a very NW moment.

By Sunday afternoon I was beat. I spent most of the day working on the house and getting it in a somewhat livable state (I’ll have photos up soon, I’m still weeding through all the moving piles). I finally put a few things on the walls and the house is beginning to feel like home instead of a big hotel suite. Since we don’t have AC and I didn’t want to sit in a freezing restaurant or bar, I talked Jevan into finding a little swimming spot on the Washugal River. About 30 minutes from Portland the Washugal is crowded, and just as one might expect on a hot Portland day. But somehow, by some miracle, we found a little spot where it was quiet. We swam, waded in the water and cooled off. It was complete with lots of sunny spots to relax and catch a few of those end of summer freckles. I can’t wait to go back.

From left: Thee Oh Sees Album || Steven Alan Daisy Top. Perfect with a high waist short on a hot summer day || Steven Alan Santa Ana Short || Dark and Stormy. A favorite hot weather cocktail of mine.


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weekend | catching up

Over the weekend Jevan and I took a last minute day trip to the coast. We sat on the beach and soaked up some of that Oregon sun for all of Saturday afternoon. It was too cold to swim, but so nice to sit on the beach and do nothing for a few hours. It’s amazing what a quiet afternoon can do for the head. The rest of the weekend I caught up on some work and a few small projects that I’ll be showing you all very soon.

Straw Tote || Pendleton Beach Blanket || Karen Walker Helter Skelter Sunglasses || Leather huraches.

Photos: the K.I.D. Collective

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weekend | show and tell

kid collective weekend

This past weekend my parents made the trek from Tennessee for their first official visit to Portland. Like proud Portlanders, Jevan and I showed off our little city. We ate our way around town (Pine State Biscuits, Caffe Vita, Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty, EAT Oyster Bar, and a few homemade meals to name a few), got a little exercise (walking around Sellwood, a hike to Mirror Lake near Mt Hood, exploring the Rose Garden at Washington Park and walking the Lan Su Chinese Garden in the middle of the city). The weather was hot and felt exactly as summer should. My mom even made us an incredible quilt for our bed (last photo). We ended the weekend at a backyard BBQ with friends.

I really hoping this week I can get back to regular blogging. I have house stuff and (project ideas) and even new field trips to show you. Hope your weekend was great.


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weekend | settling in

Still unpacking over here. I can’t believe two people and one big dog can have so much stuff. I’m trying to follow Jora’s touch it once rule that she mentioned some time ago, in hopes it will help me make progress with all this stuff instead of moving it from pile to pile. It’s been a good way to unpack. At least I have a plan.

As much of a chore as moving can be, unpacking is the real bear. I’m down to about 6 boxes to unpack fully and organize. Why-TF do you care? You don’t, I’m at the sympathy stage. What we’re left with is the stuff that’s hard to put away. Like a sewing machine and a big pile of fabric that I’m not ready to part with. Things I don’t use everyday that need to be stored preferably somewhere that doesn’t involve a damp basement.

Enter interior designer problem #1. Like most early 1900′s homes, we have the smallest possible closets. It’s been a challenge as to where to put my everyday things like shoes and make-up (thanks to no medicine cabinet). We’re getting creative over here, that’s all I can tell you at this point. And I am happily on the hunt for furniture and storage pieces. This house is going to break me from stuffing things in the depths of a closet to forget about whether I like it or not.

To celebrate the progress (and take a break) we decided very last minute to throw a house warming party. Since it’s nearing the end of summer and the rest of August is busy we also made it our first annual Summer Slider Showdown. Say what? You know, a tiny hamburger making competition. Jevan and I set up two categories; Traditional and Portlandia (anything weird). I can’t remember the last time I ate so much food. I was also impressed with all the slider creations that came together at a moment’s notice.

I made a killer Bahn Mi slider and Jevan concocted his Turkey, Granny Smith Curry slider (both not in the photos). Crowd favorites were the Juicy Lucy, the Snack and the Downtown for the Traditional category (also not photographed). There were a few delicious meat free options including an Eggplant Parm and a Blackbean and Avocado slider with a carb free bun. Did I miss one? Pretty sure I’m still in a hamburger induced haze.

To make up for the eating, Jevan, Winston and I got a 4 mile trail run in on Sunday. My first since my knee surgery 6 months ago. We’re making progress in more ways than one, friends! How was your weekend?

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weekend | the last of july

Dang, summer is good. Aside from spending most of Sunday (and part of Saturday) packing up the house (we’re moving tomorrow!) the weekend was enjoyed. There was a work BBQ up at Skyline Tavern that lead to a very disappointing early demise. Which then led to the bridge view above. The sun was going down, and we were stopped, long enough for me to stretch across Jevan and take that photo. Such an amazing bridge alongside an amazing view. This moment made up for the leaving early.

Did you have a chance to stop by the Black Box Building block party? My buddy Sam was spinning his collection of 45′s (you can even see his playlist on twitter) and the Tanner Goods crew was out in full force. After the block party we headed towards the Oregon Zoo. My gal pal Sally invited Jevan and me to a concert there. Her boyfriend is the handsome cello player above and scored us tickets to the event. I don’t know about you but I haven’t been to the zoo in over a decade. I’ve never been much of a zoo person. All those animals in such tight quarters make me feel a little uneasy. So over the years, I’ve avoided zoos. We had a chance to walk around a bit before the show and I was so taken by the giraffes. They are amazing, amazing animals. I had forgotten how fun it is to see a real zebra, lion and hippo in person too. I can’t imagine how a child must feel seeing these animals for the first time.

How was your weekend? Happy August!

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