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sketchbook | intelligentsia – silverlake

Go here for the coffee, go here for the tea, go here to see this floor designed by Barbara Bestor. Don’t forget to wear cute shoes and eat a croissant.

Intelligentsia Coffee Bar
3922 W Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029


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sketchbook | fireplace redo

FIREPLACE SKETCHESfire place sketches
Here are a few sketches I developed for a young couple moving into a new home. Their current fireplace, the focal point of their room, doesn’t fit in with the rest of the home and I’m working with them to develop ideas to revamp it. Ideas include painting the existing brick, installing a new mantel, and maybe even a new material on the floor. My favorite? The top one, hands down.


Photos: the K.I.D. Collective

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sketchbook | farmhouse modern kitchen

french kitchen remodel

Seattle was a quick trip. My client and I met with contractors, reviewed a couple of design concepts (and selected the one above). We had some fun too. We drank French 75′s (I probably had one too many) on her sunny back deck and dined at Sitka and Spruce. Everything about dinner was interesting minus the service. Which was downright dull, and that’s me being nice. Maybe it’s because we were 30 minutes late (due to my know-it-all-ness and directing the taxi to the old S&S location, that set us back a few) for our reservation, a party of four gals with 3 French 75′s each under our belt. I wouldn’t like me either.

Back to the kitchen. In it’s current state it’s quirky with unusual contractor add-on’s like random pieces of trim that frame absolutely nothing and weird jogs in the walls and counters. My goal is to streamline everything and make the area much more functional and open to the adjacent living area. There’s currently a 4 foot tall island/bar (another weird feature and perfect if you are 7′ tall) that separates the two rooms. In a galley type kitchen, one person walking through is in the way, add in a group of 8 over for dinner and this kitchen is borderline non-functioning. Don’t get me wrong, this kitchen isn’t as sad as it sounds. There are so many great features, they just happen to be hidden behind all this other stuff. There are high ceilings, exposed beams, skylights, loads of natural light coming through big windows and original doug fir floors. See, not so bad.

Here’s the scheme I’m moving forward with after a few alterations. From here, I’ll dive into the details and select fixtures such as the lights, sink and faucet. We’ve already determined the counter materials and tile. I’m contemplating painting the beams another color against a white ceiling. My first thought is painting them black, my second is a light sage green color. They are already painted now. I should probably do another sketch. Anyway, I’m off to the workshop. Enjoy your weekend.

Sketches: the K.I.D. Collective

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sketchbook | in progress

I’m working on a number of sketches to resolve some design issues for a project in Seattle. As much as I appreciate the accuracy of doing things on a computer, these early design stages require a bit of looseness and inaccuracy, for lack of a better word. This allows me to focus on the design concept as opposed to drawing something 1/16 of an inch.

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sketchbook | upholstered headboard

kid collective

Is anyone else shocked that it’s almost May? I know, I sound like an old lady. Guess what, I am. This old lady was recently reminded that I haven’t done a sketch on here in ages. Apparently I’m forgetful too. My first and only was way back in February. That means I’m failing miserably in the New Years resolution department. You know what other department I’m failing miserably in? Home projects department. I keep finding these gems that need some TLC but instead of spending my weekend working on them, I’m out and about finding more work for myself. New rule, no more new projects until I finish the ones I started. Like I will remember that one.

This project, is an upholstered headboard. The one I so desperately want makes the bedroom too small and my wallet too slim. Instead, I’m building one. I have the fabric, the nail heads, the bed frame. All that’s left is to run myself to the hardware store, pick up some lumber and build that headboard. Just like the one above. So this sketch served it’s purpose. It also made me realize I don’t want brass frames or peach pillows. I will however, take two of those wall sconces if anyone wants to gift them to me.

Have a great weekend, we have our very first weekend house guest coming from Colorado today. I’m excited to introduce an old friend to our new favorites. Enjoy yours!


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sketchbook | brass beauty

New Years Resolution #2… sketch more. I spend so much time doing things on the computer I forget I like to draw. I don’t want to forget, I want to be better. Especially at these quick 15-20 minute little sketches. The only way I’ve found to get better is by practice. It also doesn’t hurt telling you and throwing this sketch up on the internet. We all know the internet can be a brutally honest judge. If anything, doing this will push me to keep with the resolution.

Which brings me to this sketch. I saw this lamp over the weekend. I couldn’t tell immediately if it was going to be a good fit, if I would love it. It’s flashy and could be very wrong for my little place. And by wrong, I mean porn star, cocaine induced Charlie Sheen haze with a touch of 70′s kind of wrong. Bad points, it’s polished, some of the polish has worn off and it’s taller than me. Like I said, showy for my little place. Good points, it’s inexpensive ($79), it pivots (nice for reading, entertaining and tv watching) and has a small base, mind out of the gutter please, which is unusual for most arc lamps.

Unlike Charlie, I don’t buy on a whim, I don’t have that kind of money. I want to love the piece but in a dingy, dark vintage store, I couldn’t decide. I asked the shop keeper to call the owner and ask if he would take $50. Then I left, without the lamp. Half an hour later he called saying he would accept $55 and gave me the following day to decide, nice guy. So I came home, did a quick sketch of how I thought it might look because even at $55, I still wasn’t sold. What do you think of it?

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